Parker House Furniture

For the best unique collection of furniture ranges for your living room, entertainment unit, library walls, home and office, parker house furniture has all the variety. Parker house furniture are furniture experts who have been in the business for over 15 years.

parker house furniture

Parker house home furniture

If you are looking to have a cozy home with stylish furniture, parker house furniture has a variety for all your home rooms. For a cozy bedroom, parker house has all the best designer classic beds made from the finest wood with matching drawers and closets plus fittings just as you would want them to be. You can choose to have a walk in closet or just a simple classy closet.

For gorgeous chest nut finishes in your living room, entertainment areas and library, Parker house furniture offers a variety with the best luxurious English designs to compliment your home, parker house furniture is a friend. The glass door inserts with beveled diamond pattern in the furniture are extra ordinary.

Your dinning area will never be the same with the elegant Parker house furniture and fittings. Made from real wood, the dinning tables are a sight. With a collection of fittings like wine cellars, you can have your visitors marvel at the exotic furniture designs and fireplace mantles designed the old English way.

A well finished kitchen with cabinets and dovetailed drawers is what you will bump into at parker house furniture. Your dreams will truly come true with a custom fitted kitchen that defines your home needs and design. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary taste, Parker house furniture will grant your wish in a magical way. At parker house furniture, you will not just get the product, you will also get fitting services to help you achieve that dream look in your home.

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parker house furniture for the office

At parker house furniture, you can get an office with an ambiance that feels like home away from home. For the most comfortable tailor made office desks, chairs,sofas, conference tables and coffee tables, we offer a variety of solid wood furniture and leather seats for you to choose from. On special offer is the four type office suites with free inside deliveries; the Davinci 95” H Glass cabinet Bookcase Wall and desk Set is ideal for your exotic office look.

You can compliment your office with the great bookcases at parker house furniture. Parker house furniture has the best reception furniture that will leave office visitors mesmerized; beautiful, unique literature racks, waste receptacles,coat racks and hooks as well as reception desks and wooden mallets .

All furniture designs at parker house furniture are unique and creative. If you think the prices at parker house are wild, check again. regular discount offers on different furniture will leave you breathless. Free shipment is available for selected items not to mention free deliveries within location. You can get more information on parker house furniture online. Parker house catalogs are available for your viewing and selection. See our page regarding the DaVinci furntiure set which is highly popular. See parker furniture catalogue now! More information on parker house own website.

shelf parker house furntiture

7 Tips when buying furnitures to your home:

  1. Unless you have a large home, select furniture and accessories on a small scale. They’ll fit into most spaces as you move them around in your home. If you are a handyman or have the budget you could also customize furnitures to fit into the different ares in your home. This could be really nice if you spend some time and thoughts to it.
  2. When furnishing a living room or family room, our suggestion is to choose 2 loveseats rather than one huge sofa. They will be easier to move and can be used forming a corner seating area, opposite each other to create a conversation spot, or separately in different rooms of your home.
  3. Combine your furnitures with the roomcolor. Choose neutral colors such as tan, camel, navy, dark green, or black, for upholstered furniture pieces. This color will be your anchor-color. Make sure the fabric is durable so it holds up under several years.
  4. Be creative with tables. Choose interesting bases and use plate glass for the top. Or make your own side tables (round or rectangular) of plywood, then cover with an undercloth of felt (for softness) and a decorative tablecloth of coordinating fabric. Use these in a living room or as nightstands by a bed.
  5. Choose a colorscheme and stick to it. Start with white or your anchor-color and select fabrics and accessories to compliment the color scheme. If you carry the colors throughout your home, you’ll be able to move furniture and accessories from room to room.
  6. When you’re arranging furniture, try to think outside-the-box. Use furniture or accessories in unexpected ways, such as a loveseat at the end of a bed, a TV hidden away under a tablecloth, or a big dresser that holds video tapes. The possabilities are endless and if you like to get some inspiration on compact living or different use of the space in an appartment, just google “Best Compact living solutions” and you’ll get some good furnitures.
  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Find what works best for you in your present situation. If you’ve selected items with versatility in mind, you’ll end up with an arrangement that’s just right!

Parker house furniture reviews

We want to make you feel more secure for your next furniture purchase and therefore we have put together different reviews of furnitures from parker house. We strive to be independent and reveal both the furnitures strengths and weaknessess. To see our review you can simply click on the review button in our main menu. There you’ll find reviews added regularly regarding the home furnitures that we all so much like.


Buy a media center furniture that looks good

With a nice media centre from parker house you can enjoy your favourite sports even more. Maybe you even have some other parker furnitures back home which will make the furnitures in your living room look even more coherent and nice. If you are afraid on how it will fit your home you can easily just find a reseller close to you and ask for some samples of the material that the furniture is using. This way you can go back home and compare to see how good of a fit the furniture will be. Good luck with your new purchase of a media centre furniture form parker house. view all media centers now >>

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